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Courses & Services Offered

There are plenty more features hidden inside and we are determined to constantly add new features.

Level 1 – Contrarian Technical

Analysis and basic options (call and puts)

The flaws of lagging nature and time dependency of technical analysis are removed in this Contrarian Technical.. Read More

Level 2 – Futures & options

(Options science & Strategies )

Strategies on futures & options by the renowned trainer Mr. Naresh Yawalkar who is known for his interactive.. Read More

The Real Time –
Mentorship programme

The training will be based upon proven strategies and not theoretical book knowledge. Your financial goals, past.. Read More

Careers In Financial Market

Dear Parents & Students, Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) established the National Institute of.. Read More

An Invitation


Dear Traders, investors, parents and students,

Thank you for visiting this site and I welcome you to this world of finance.

I know you want to be a successful trader!

There are many fields which can be taught on blackboard but you can never learn swimming in class room. This needs coaching in the swimming pool.

Share market is just like this which needs coaching in real time trading with real money in real accounts.

Fundamental Analysis is no good as the market responds to the anticipations of the happenings, results and not the happenings, results. Technical Analysis proves its usefulness many times. But its biggest flaw is, as you change the time period of analysis your views on market gets reversed. You are bullish on daily chart analysis and suddenly you become bearish on sixty minute chart analysis.

These are the reasons people lose money by study of fundamental Analysis & Technical Analysis.

Is there any method to overcome above defects? Yes I will teach err I will coach you.

Believe Me it’s an ATM machine, you must know password to transfer money from the accounts of 95% of losers to your account. Yes! You can earn more than businessmen, doctors, engineers without spending so many years, lots of money, risking capital for education & business.

You must not forget it is like a sword which needs to be held at handle else it will bleed you. & without knowing where to hold it, it will become a gambling. Don’t gamble. Learn Tricks to become rich. Increase your income month after.

What is needed?
1) Full trustworthy proven techniques which I will coach.
2) Complete discipline under financial psychology, including Concepts of trade euphoria, Trade panic.
3) Complete discipline under money Management, for lowest loss and highest profit.
4) Trading environment follow-up- I gives it in the form of prime club.

Don’t run here & there, don’t waste time and money. Remember you got only one life and it’s this!
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