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Few words about Yawalkar Sir,

Shri Naresh Yawalkar

Shri Naresh Yawalkar

Dear Traders, Investors.

As per the study, the share market has given more profit ( compound average gross returns more than 16% )than fixed deposits in banks (CAGR 9%) and gold (CAGR 10%.) So, Rs 10000/- invested in share market gave the returns of Rs 912496/-

It is therefore in the interest of everybody to understand and accept the share market as the best vehicle of wealth creation.

Shri. Naresh Yawalkar is associated with share market since 1991 as the trader and trainer.
He has trained hundreds of students successfully.
He has in-depth knowledge of science of “OPTIONS” and how to use this science by employing various strategies, no matter what the current scenario of the market is.

Shri. Naresh Yawalkar is certified derivative trader.
He is also a columnist (more than 50 articles) in the prestigious Marathi leading newspaper “Loksatta” He also writes for magazines.

He is regularly invited by BSE and CDSL the No 1 exchange and depository in India respectively to give lectures and propagate the financial literacy among common people.

He is awarded the certificate of excellence in the international conference for research paper submitted on “RISKLESS HEDGING”
Some of his students have opened their own consulting firms, Portfolio Management Firms and some are successful Individual Traders.

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