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Dear Parents & Students,

Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) established the National Institute of Securities Markets (NISM) in Mumbai,

As desire expressed by the Indian government to promote securities market education and research.

NISM has launched an effort to deliver financial and securities education at various levels and across various segments in India and abroad. NISM is mandated to develop and implement certification examinations for professionals such as investor, issuers, intermediaries, regulatory staff, policy makers, academia and future professionals of securities markets, employed in various segments of the Indian securities markets.

Extensive globalization, liberalization, and electronic revolution has lead to the tremendous increase in volume and products in financial market creating acute shortage in skilled human resources.

SEBI has made it mandatory that the employees must possess requisite skills and knowledge, acquired through certification devised by NISM.

NISM awards programme specified certificates.

Examination is developed by NISM as mandated under SEBI Regulation 2007. Its accessibility and eligibility resulted in its wider acceptance nationwide among market intermediaries, professionals and students.

The candidates need to obtain the certification if they want

  • Career in financial Market, get Jobs in financial institutes, Mutual funds, broker’s firms, financial advisors firms.
  • To start own broking or sub-broking firms or start portfolio advisory and consultancy firms.
  • To become informed investors/ traders for financial wealth.
  • Certificate for useful for enhancing resume & Placement Prospects.

Benefits of NiSM Certification

Students UG / Graduate Fresher Students with NiSM Certification can build career as under.

Career Prospects:

1) This certificate is compulsory for getting the jobs in following areas.

  • Banks,
  • Investment Banks,
  • Wholesale Banks,
  • Hedge Funds,
  • Broking companies,
  • Mutual Funds, Insurance,
  • Wealth Management,
  • KPO and BPO of International Financial Institutions,
  • Finance or Treasury of leading Corporate across sectors

2) This certificate is compulsory for the Business / Profession in following areas.

  • Dealers, Brokers, Sub Brokers.
  • Derivative Analysis & Research.
  • Money Management.
  • Treasury and Proprietary trading.
  • Back Office & Risk.
  • Relationship Management & Sales.
  • Self Trader for personal financial wealth.
  • Certificate will enhance quality of Resume (CV).
  • Certificate will enhance Placement opportunity.

3) The Students can become informed Investors / Traders for financial wealth.

Sr No Course Name of the course
1 Nism V-A Mutual Fund Distributors
2 Nism V-III Equity Derivatives
3 Nism XII Security Market Foundation
4 NCFM Technical Analysis

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BANK            : ICICI BANK
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