Options science and strategies along with Contrarian Analysis for Consistent profit

Futures and options:- Options science and strategies –
for consistent profits.

  • Capital Risk Management is the no 1 reason for using options strategies.
  • Options are the only products which have the ability to make money regardless of directions to earn handsomely months after month.

Science of Options

  • Options Terminology:- Call & Put, Buyers & sellers, strikes, pricing, payoff graph. etc
  • Types:- American & European,
  • Moneyness:- In the Money, At the Money, Out of the money for call & put
  • Factors affecting the option price
  • Volatility, Ivs, IndiaVIX, CoC, Putcall Ratio ,open Interest etc.
  • Premium:- Intrinsic Value, extrinsic value, their relationship with moneyness.
  • Options sensitivities: – Greeks :-Delta, theta, Gamma, Vega in detail with their relationship with moneyness and with other Greeks . and how to neutralise effectively.

Simple but Effective Strategies

  • Six building blocks of option strategies.
  • Bullish, Bearish, Neutral strategies
  • Spreads /Ratio Spreads, Vertical spreads & Diagonal spreads, Credit Spreads & Debit spreads, Neutral Strategies for range bound market
  • Hedging concepts:- for investors , importers , exporters,

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